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Peach Esthetics


$ 25.00

Gently remove all the gunk, grime and sadness from your face. Infused with vitamins, this gentle cleanser also removes makeup.

To use, apply ½ pump gently to your face and then add some water to lather a bit while singing “Good Vibrations”. Feel them, then rinse and pat dry. You are clean!

The Nerdy Notes:

· Excellent for sensitive skin as it gently cleanses while infusing it with Vitamins A, B and C
· Contains Pycnogenol, a powerful antioxidant proven to have significant effect on the skin…20% more powerful than Vitamin C and 50% better than Vitamin E at fighting free radicals. It binds to collagen and elastin, inhibiting enzymes and free radicals from breaking them down.
· Anti-inflammatory
· Supports microcirculation
· pH 3.5
· 6 oz.



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