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Peach Esthetics


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This glycolic/salicylic combo is the second wave of attack against that P. Acne bacteria, but it won’t dry your skin out and make you sad.

This is the same stuff that is in our Clear formula, but squirted over cotton pads, so it's all ready for you to roll!

To use, just grab a pad and swipe it across your face, avoiding your precious eyes while singing "You Are My Sunshine". Own it! Light up your world! You are Clear and that was Fast!

The Nerdy Notes:

· a combination of glycolic and salicylic acid proven in studies to be more effective than benzoyl peroxide
· anti-bacterial
· excellent for acne prone skin
· tends to increase the production of moisture in skin by 300%
· works better and ADDS moisture instead drying out your skin

75 pads. They are large enough to cut in half, so then you have 150 uses!

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