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Welcome to Peach Esthetics

As always, every human is precious and welcome, and at Peach Esthetics, you won't be asked or judged about any of your personal, private medical decisions.  

That said, it will be requested that if you receive any of the new gene therapy vaccinations or boosters, (that is, any covid shot, no matter what brand) that you please wait at least 3 weeks after your shot to come in for a facial at Peach.

Why? Your body needs time to acclimate and integrate the new technology you've received, and there has been a trend seen in the esthetic industry that people are tending to be more sensitive or having unusual reactions to regular procedures and processes, so this request is for YOUR comfort and safety.  Please respect this request and wait the allotted time before coming in for your facial.


Visit the appointment page to connect and get yourself BOOKED IN....

There are a few changes, to keep you safer in these crazy times:

  • Hand santizer is available in the suite and at the entry door for your convenience.
  • It's a BYOB time of life: please bring your own blanket. 
  • I am inserting 30 minutes between every appointment to fully sanitize and disinfect the room
  • If you are sick or have been around someone who is sick, please cancel your appointment. There will be no charge for this, even if it's the same day cancellation

As always, I take sanitation, disinfection and your safety as my top priority! This virus hasn't changed that one bit. And more than ever, I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOUR FACE!


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The wait is over. Let the shopping begin!


All sales are final. 

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